Friday, July 28, 2017

Is This Thing On?

Welcome, to my blog!

The last time I blogged was 11 years ago, and it was about knitting.  I still knit.  But...I also quilt now.  And, I still crochet...and cross stitch...and do needlepoint...and weave...and have been known to dabble in macrame, string art and the occasional sewing of a costume or two.


I suppose some would say I suffer from Craft ADD.  I like to say that I am well-rounded and experienced in all that the "fiber-y" lives have to offer.

Okay, I paint, color, draw and write too.

I may have a problem.

But, until they develop a 12 step program for my kind of "addiction" or I get roped into being on an episode of Hoarders because the craft supplies have over run the house, I will continue on.

And now, blog about it.

My name is Mel, which is short for Melissa.  I am a wife of 27 years and a mom of 3 boys and 1 girl.  I live a creative life.

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